I am a Software Engineer based in Paris.

I am a Developer and Table Tennis player. I enjoy creating things that ease life, from simple apps to complicated gadgets.

I am currently working as a Principal Software Engineer at Murex.

Notable Projects & Contributions

Home Kubernetes Cluster
A Kubernetes Cluster of 4 Raspberry Pis to enable home monitoring and automation
Dashing/Smashing Airparif Widget
Map and Pollution Index in Paris & Île-de-France. Back-end in Ruby, and includes image processing via ImageMagick. Front-end in HTML/Sass/CoffeeScript.
Dashing/Smashing RATP Widget
Polls for the given public transport lines of Paris. Back-end in Ruby, front-end in HTML/Sass/CoffeeScript.
OSS Contributions
Jenkins Build Monitor Plugin, Grafana, Kodi PVR IPTV Simple Client Addon, jBPM